Since its establishment in 2003, SYL has grown steadily and emerged as a preferred service provider for space planning, design and build in the Southern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

With a burning passion for helping clients to yield maximum return through well-planned space utilisation, the SYL team always does what it takes to excel as a capable workforce. It does this by continuously learning new skills, staying tuned to the latest development in the industry as well as improving the quality of customer service.

All of us at SYL share the same mission of helping our clients to gain significant benefit from the investment made, both visually and economically. Regardless of whether a customer comes directly to us or being referred by our affiliated design firms or event organisers, they can be rest assured they will walk away with the solutions that they are seeking.

We have a bigger vision of become a sought-after production hub that turns designer drawings into tangible setups which are both impressive and expressive.

We look forward to more opportunities establishing strategic cooperation with designer firms and event organisers from other countries. The dedicated team of SYL is well-prepared to take every challenge that comes along the way and grow together with our clients to international to achieve a new height together.


Exhibition & Events Space Management (Plan, Design & Build)

Creating impression to attract attention is precisely what our objective is when you engage SYL’s exhibition & event space management service.

SYL has always been a reliable partner who takes great care over all the crucial aspects that make you an eye-catching exhibitor or successful event host.
◆ Attractive visual appeal that ensures your booth is one of the most visited destinations.
◆ All of the necessary fixtures securely in place and in good working order.
◆ Availability of functional sections including display corner, discussion area, special activity area, etc. that help your visitors enjoy and engage your proposition.

SYL brings you closer to the ultimate goal of reaching the maximum number of potential clients, effectively creating public awareness of your brands, products or services, or achieving public acceptance of an important message.

Retail Space Management (Plan, Design & Build)

Retail space is where direct interaction between businesses and shoppers takes place.

Investment in creating a more shopper-engaging retail space environment has been one of the best business decisions made by innovative business owners worldwide. It has irresistible power to attract the attention of shoppers, tempt them to walk in and stay longer, guide them along the desired buying behaviour path and often triggering a higher spend when coupled with deliberately planned marketing strategies.

SYL has all the options in hand to turn your business premises into one that is both attractive and inviting. From an eye-catching storefront to well-organised merchandise displays, along walkways that enable shoppers to comfortably move around or stop in front of certain displays, to visual elements that serve specific call-to-action purposes, SYL has always excelled at helping you achieve higher profit per square foot.

Work Space Management (Plan, Design & Build)

Leverage SYL’s Work Space Management Service – the soughtafter solution for businesses that demand comfort, work efficiency and greater productivity in their work space!

The SYL team places heavy emphasis on
◆ Optimized use of increasingly expensive space
◆ Ease of interaction among co-workers
◆ Creating a less stressful office environment via Effective Layout Arrangement Techniques
◆ Incorporation of functional elements that help promote efficiency

SYL offers flexible options that satisfy the varied requirements and expectations of commercial and industrial customers. Talk to us and let the experienced SYL team turn your expectations into reality with their magic touch.

Space Makeover Consultation & Implementation

Space Makeover Service is a transformative solution that converts lifeless spaces into brand new energised environments for running your business.

Retail Space Makeover
We will re-plan and refurbish your old environment, transforming an outdated and unattractive space into one that stands out as appealing to both old and new customers.

Office Space Makeover
An irresistible cost-saving option to create a tidy and productive modern office out of an increasingly stressful old office, against a backdrop of ever increasing property prices.

SYL provides sound and reliable makeover consultation, and makes worth while recommendations that fit well within your unique conditions, requirements, and budget.


1. Options For All Budgets

We at SYL take great care to fully understand your requirements and take your budget into consideration. Our team demonstrates great flexibility in tailoring solutions to meet all budgets. We are capable of adjusting the related variables technically and pragmatically to ensure that clients are comfortable with the overall costs of SYL services with no compromise in the quality delivered.

2. Seamless Services with Effective Communication

Regardless of the size of job, we handle job-related issues carefully and seriously. We constantly communicate with our clients throughout the project as needed – and that’s precisely the reason we manage to complete jobs on time as per the schedule.

Our Standard of Customer Communication
– Appropriate Reminders
– Timely Follow-up
– Progress Updates

3. You’re Given Insightful Consultation

You will be served by competent project consultants when engaging SYL for your space management needs. Just list your requirements and you’ll receive insightful opinions on how to maximize space utilization, entice shoppers’ attention and achieve unique business objectives.

We’d love to share with you some of the exciting success stories of our satisfied clients. Rest assured that you’ll be guided in a professional manner to identify what’s best for you before we provide recommendations or options.

4. Highly Professional Service Delivered With Passion

Burning Passion is the secret of great work, and that is especially true with SYL designs and creations.

The SYL team always strives to perform to the highest level of professionalism because that ensures excellent customer satisfaction as well as self-satisfaction for the team. All of us here including space consultants, designers, builders and support staff, take extra effort to be aware of new developments and make SYL more competitive.

Our Actions for Self-improvement and Sustainable Competitiveness:
– Skills Upgrade Learning
– Incorporation or use of Latest Technology and Innovative Tools
– Exploring new ideas by attending international events

5. Innovative Designs Inspired by Global Perspective

The SYL project team takes a stand at international tradeshows and exhibitions every year to promote overseas building projects. This also provides an opportunity to observe and learn what our overseas counterparts have been doing and inspires us to generate better space design ideas with a global perspective.


Goal-oriented Space Design & Build that showcases the best of your brand story. 


At SYL, teamwork and communication have created miracles time and time again.
Whether you are a start-up or an established enterprise, we’re committed and dedicated to serve with same level of great passion!


Our service excellence starts with an interactive fact-finding process. We enjoy finding out what you want, bottoming out your requirements, and addressing your concerns and issues. That is the only worthwhile approach to ensure that all that follows goes right and delivers what you want.

Proposal of Solution

SYL will propose a solution specifically tailored to you. Draft layout, selection of materials, colour arrangement, use of lighting and other fine details are also covered. Your acceptance and sign-off marks the beginning of the next stage.

Preparation & Implementation

SYL will assemble a project team and gear up in readiness through activities such purchasing the necessary equipment and materials, fabrication, transport arrangements, installation, and commissioning. We are committed to timely completion that adheres to the agreed schedule

Handing Over

Witnessing the satisfactory acceptance of our project handover is always the most exciting moment for us. It marks a new milestone in the business journey of our valued clients.



No. 03, Jalan Dataran 03, Taman Kempas,

81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Tel: 07 – 234 8480 (Line1) / 07 – 235 4035 (Line 2)

Fax: 07 – 237 7291


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